As of the 27th of June (this year), cPanel Inc. announced the most shocking news that majority of hosts became frustrated, nowadays. And that's the pricing based change of their licensing service.

To learn more about this information, kindly read their statement about this at the official community forums and on their blog.

As you may all know, we as a host initially offer a specialized based Panel and we have chosen cPanel Inc. to support our services, but because of this major change, we won't allow our users to just carry on the baggage nor are we. So chances are, we might be considering pricing changes as well depends on our vendor (cPanel) and the status of our servers and probably put some limits on all of it in the next billing and of course, we will be providing other options for selected users who would refuse to continue working with the said brand or vendor.

Kind TechGroup is thinking about getting into Plesk or something else. Furthermore, we would like to know your thoughts behind this matter and we would really appreciate knowing your suggestions or recommendation for our next move that will benefit us all in our community.

Later updates will be posted on this page in the next few days and we, as well as others,  do hope that cPanel will consider something in regards to this unfortunate matter. We really hope so! but as of now, this will be our best move in the next few weeks or billing.

Until then, best of luck to all of us!

P.S. Pricing change will be reflected on all invoices for users and resellers in the next billing date. Have a great day ahead.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

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