Hi everyone!

There is a known networking issue from our main Datacenter nowadays and before we all lose our data from this provider, we have decided to migrate our server to a new backup one. For Resellers and for those using Cloudflare DNS, kindly change your IPs to the new ones stated in the below context. Thank you for your understanding.

Old Server Info:

Server Name: server01

Hostname: server01.serverencryption.us

IP 1: or
IP 2:

New Server Info:

Server Name: server01

Hostname: server01.serverencryption.net

IP 1:
IP 2:

Nameservers are all the same:

Nameserver 1: server01.ns1.kindtechgroup.com

Nameserver 2: server01.ns2.kindtechgroup.com

All our files will be migrated to the new server we have put on as a backup for anything concerning this kind of issue. Happy Sunday to all!

For any questions, please contact our Support or message us on our Facebook.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

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