This is our final notice that we are migrating accounts from "" domain hosts to our new server where you will have to migrate all your clients' accounts into with.

As much as we would like to do everything for all our clients (like the backup and restoration), there is a need of your attention at least to submit a support ticket for 
a free migration for your account along with the current credentials of your accounts on our secure platform which you can find once you submit a ticket (at the bottom).

Please help us migrate your data right away to avoid any loss of your data further this date as we aren't the root of this server and has been victimized by a false service representation by a vendor we have trusted for quite a while. 

Today, we will create a new account for the new server to all affected reseller accounts. You will find your new records from your client profile, also sent to your email within the next hour or so and from there, you are then able to start restoring your cPanel accounts from the backup you made and let your clients know about the situation as well.

As far as we are aware of, the old servers will be up until 1 week from now. So we need to backup everything as soon as possible and further migrate or restore it to the new server.

Once again, if you wish to receive a free migration for your account, please submit a ticket and submit your credentials along with the request but at least to fast track the process, we would like you to do it yourself as it is the time we are against for possible data loss incident.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

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