Hi there, Everyone.

Sorry for the issues over the last month.

We have come up with the best options and have decided to go this route to get the best and fastest fix and resolves the issue we are facing, nowadays.

We really do know this has been a headache for everyone and we are really deeply sorry for the inconvenience and delays getting issues fixed ASAP with all the COVID-19 has really put a big holt on our support and fast response times and the slow and long delays from our datacenter we really feel this is the best options to get all fixed at once and minimize downtime.

So as an update on our end for the server01 issue, today at 10:11 PM (GMT +8) and in the next hour, we will be shutting that server down for critical maintenance and will be replacing hardware and getting everything reinstalled on it.

This will fix the issues over the last month that's been going on and we will have to restore accounts but if you got any high priority accounts we can have those restored faster, we will just need the cPanel usernames and we can have those restored faster if needed. Just open a support ticket or email us at support@kindtechgroup.net

Shutting the server down fully, pulling out the storage and the Network Card along with the Raid Card - replacing those and get everything reinstalled and that should not take more than an hour or two then will restore all accounts to the same server so no DNS needs to be changed since its the same server and same IPs, but we do ask for up to 24 hours for all accounts to get fully restored. Accounts with less then 10GB in size will restore faster then the bigger accounts, so if you know your account is really large then you might have to wait longer.

So we will still have the storage we are pulling out with backups on it and along with the ones we made and downloaded to our Windows RDP Servers as well.

Until then, chow.

For any questions, please contact us at the Support Desk.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

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