Hi there,

We have migrated server01 into a new server which is the server00.

This migration will fix the issues on server01 over the last period in the initial strike of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So since our data center was unable to assist us in migrating into a new server, so we instead tried to fix what's going on at that moment which results in a 2-day downtime previously.

We've sent a notification about this matter and the result is good but we want to make sure these issues will not pop-up again in the nearby future so we are pursuing the migration to better our service the best possible performance we can.

Below are the new IPs and the default nameservers for the new replacement of server01 which will be server00 now, so if you use custom nameservers just update the IPs and let me know so I can check to make sure they are setup properly in the system.

Also, please let your clients know as well if you're a reseller. You can also start adding the new server in your whmcs system if you have.

Old Server Info:

WHM: https://server01.serverencryption.net:2087/
cPanel: https://server01.serverencryption.net:2083/

Nameserver: ns01.serverencryption.net (for resellers) or server01.ns1.kindtechgroup.com

Nameserver: ns02.serverencryption.net (for resellers) or server01.ns2.kindtechgroup.com

New Server Info:

WHM: https://server00.serverencryption.net:2087/
cPanel: https://server00.serverencryption.net:2083/

Nameserver: ns00.serverencryption.net (for resellers) or server00.ns1.kindtechgroup.com

Nameserver: dns00.serverencryption.net (for resellers) or server00.ns2.kindtechgroup.com

IMPORTANT: server01erverencryption.net will be fully shut down on June 30, 2020 (GMT +8) and cPanel logins for that server will be shut down and blocked for logging in on 6-27-2020 (GMT +8).

P.S. If anyone is having issues or has data missing from their account on the new server, just let me know in a support ticket. 

Thanks and have fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

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