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Our site is not available at the moment. We are working on replacing old contents that might be misleading for customers. Will be right back in a few hours.What does this mean for you as a Client / User?You are not able to browse our website such as blog and all pages with it but you are able to login in our client area and on the store with ... En savoir plus »

11 juil 2019
Optional Panel offers for VPSs

Kind TechGroup is excited to announce further the new server offers we have in stock!

We're grillin' new servers for optional administration panels like cPanel which will be available the soonest on our Shop at the lowest cost possible, so stay tuned!

11 juil 2019
New Deals On All Our Hosting Services

Prices for our Resellers have not changed but we have implemented new account limits for the new users further as well on all services for the next billing cycle, which means that current clients that have purchased prior to this announcement such as with annual or beyond terms with us are not affected until their next billing cycle. So if you ... En savoir plus »

7 juil 2019
Uptime Details Updated

We have updated our instances just earlier because we haven't noticed that some of the IPs pointed were not updated, the reason it reports wrong information about the uptime to some of our servers specifically with cPanel8 and cPanel4.

4 juil 2019