Latest Release of WHMCS v7.80

A new release will cause another maintenance due to the upgrade of our system which will start further these days. For more information about the system, kindly visit and if you're interested to get one, this is free on all our regular reseller offers.

See you!

30th Aug 2019
Free Daily Backup for Resellers

  Good day/eve, everyone!This announcement is intended for our regular reseller hosting clients.We are pleased to offer you our free remote backup solution available for daily retention starting today. As you may have known, we offer a ton of freebies with our products and services especially in our Multilevel Reseller Hosting service which ... إقرأ المزيد »

25th Aug 2019
Planned Maintenance for our Client Area

This is to inform everyone that, in a few minutes,  our client area will not be available temporarily due to planned maintenance, but we will be back shortly.

Kind regards

23rd Aug 2019
cPanel5 merging to cPanel2

We are apparently merging the data from cPanel5 to cPanel2, both US Servers. For those using the cPanel5 or have an account from the server, you will be able to access it on cPanel2 soon. We will send an email update in regards once everything is fully migrated or merged.

Thank you for your time reading this. Have a great night ahead. :)

22nd Aug 2019
Accounts on hosts were migrated

This is a notice that your reseller account from server hosts has been migrated to the new server sent to the affected user's valid email address. This is not a migration of data. This is only an account migration where you are able to access your new account inside your client profile with us. To migrate your data, you ... إقرأ المزيد »

17th Aug 2019
Data Loss Notice for Resellers

This is our final notice that we are migrating accounts from "" domain hosts to our new server where you will have to migrate all your clients' accounts into with.As much as we would like to do everything for all our clients (like the backup and restoration), there is a need of your attention at least to submit a support ... إقرأ المزيد »

17th Aug 2019
Migration Notice for Resellers

As an improvement and to better serve our customers, we are having a migration on all accounts under "" domain hosts which probably includes you and your customers, so we would like to ask your attention to prepare a backup of your own which includes your clients and refrain from creating new accounts within these hosts as ... إقرأ المزيد »

12th Aug 2019
Server01 Change of IP

Hi everyone!There is a known networking issue from our main Datacenter nowadays and before we all lose our data from this provider, we have decided to migrate our server to a new backup one. For Resellers and for those using Cloudflare DNS, kindly change your IPs to the new ones stated in the below context. Thank you for your understanding.Old ... إقرأ المزيد »

4th Aug 2019