FREE Daily Remote Backups & Retentions

We now offer FREE Daily Remote Backups & Retentions limited for 5GB per cPanel account through Jetbackup feature.When you signup for our service as a user or reseller, you are automatically included to our free backup program provided your account is 5GB storage or lower than that.We recommend you to acquire CodeGuard Backup solution which you ... Read More »

18th Dec 2020
FREE cPanel Reseller Hosting (Black Friday Deals)

We will not sell you anything or give discounts because our Black Friday Deals this year are Free of Charge!!!You just have to play by the rules...To avail this promo, we'd like to invite you to leave an honest review for us, and as a thank you, we will give you the opportunity to win 1 Year of cPanel Reseller Hosting, with 1 raffle entry on each ... Read More »

27th Nov 2020
New Credit Card Payments with Stripe

We just launched our new partnership with Stripe and customers are now ready be paying with Stripe "Credit Card" gateway along with Alipay and Apple Pay with smaller fees compared to the PayPal method of payment via our website.

More payment gateways to be supported in the next few days or week. Stay tuned!

19th Nov 2020
Free Cpanel Servers Offsite Backup 24hrs Retention

We now offer Free Offsite and Unlimited Backup solution on our newest cPanel Server Packages packages includes Free License/Setup such as cPanel/WHM License, Let's Encrypt AutoSSL, ImunifyAV, Softaculous, Sitepad, CpCleaner, SEO & Security Tools.Contact our Support for more details or custom ... Read More »

15th Nov 2020
New Support Hours Availability

Hi, Everyone!We just got a new support hour schedule open for this pandemic and we now cater from 13:00-22:00 (GMT+8:00) straight for technical ticket consultation support during these hours at our helpdesk and please do know for any remote support requests or critical managed support, it is by default that we only cater it by schedule with a ... Read More »

12th Oct 2020
Cheaper Bank Transfer fees

Hi Everyone!

We finally got a chance to lower the fees for our Bank Transfer payment method!

From $25 (+ 5%), down to $5 (+ 5%). Let us know your thoughts!


22nd Sept 2020
Time Based Tokens Now Available

Hi Everyone.

We now official supports Time Based Tokens Two-Factor Authenticator for our client area or members account area for a much more secure experience when using our website and prevent from unauthorized access bypassing you as the owner of the account.

Let us know what are your thoughts further. Good day!

Us here @ Kind TechGroup

21st Sept 2020
Limited Support on National Heroes' Day (in Philippines)

The office is closed today and System Administrators will only be available on the next service/business hours at 1900-2700 (GMT +8), so we highly appreciate your kind consideration for the longer processing of each request or technical support as I will be the only one working on the day. Rest assured all requests will be managed and handled ... Read More »

29th Aug 2020
New Server is on Mauwiks DE

Hi Everyone!Hope all is well.We have slowly migrated the regular reseller hosting accounts, managed hosting and a few hosting accounts into the new server as we are upgrading the old ones for better performance and stability and will use them for our other programs for the community such like our new Free Hosting server along with the Cheap ... Read More »

18th Aug 2020
Migration Completed: cPanel2 US Server

Hi there cPanel2 Server Users,If you are hosting in (one of our servers) which the accounts are being migrated to (new server), you will get email about your new Account Information which means you will need to take action as soon as you have read this message.To get access to your data in the ... Read More »

15th Aug 2020