New Deals On All Our Hosting Services

Prices for our Resellers have not changed but we have implemented new account limits for the new users further as well on all services for the next billing cycle, which means that current clients that have purchased prior to this announcement such as with annual or beyond terms with us are not affected until their next billing cycle. So if you ... Read More »

7th Jul 2019
Uptime Details Updated

We have updated our instances just earlier because we haven't noticed that some of the IPs pointed were not updated, the reason it reports wrong information about the uptime to some of our servers specifically with cPanel8 and cPanel4.

4th Jul 2019
Pricing Change In the Next Billing Date

As of the 27th of June (this year), cPanel Inc. announced the most shocking news that majority of hosts became frustrated, nowadays. And that's the pricing based change of their licensing service. To learn more about this information, kindly read their statement about this at the official community forums and on their blog. As you may all ... Read More »

30th Jun 2019
New cPanel2 Server Launched

We have launched the newest server "cPanel2" dedicated to all types of Resellers and web hosting users. Thank you for all your continued support to us here at Kind TechGroup which we are now able to provide more servers and upgrades for the current ones as well.

More power to all of you from us here at

24th Jun 2019
cPanel 4 & UKHost Upgrading to KVM OS

Hi everyone!We shall be updating one of our UK nodes London1 shortly to KVM OS. The following servers will be merged cPanel 4 & UKHost No IP's will change. We have disabled WHMReseller Plugin to prevent account's being missed due to the amount of data being migrated, so we ask that you do not add accounts to these servers for the next 7 ... Read More »

22nd Jun 2019
[Reseller Clients] cpanel8 Server IP Changed

We just migrated our server to KVM Machine. Kindly use this new IP sent to your email for your Primary DNS and as well as for the nameservers. We may need to setup once again our private nameservers on WHM and to our Domain Registrar and if you need any help, kindly ping us up at Support. Thank you and more power to us for this upgraded ... Read More »

9th Jun 2019
Currently Migrating to KMV Machine for cPanel8

We have started the KVM upgrades on all servers. All data is being mirrored on an existing KVM machine at the moment.  Kindly bear with us about any network interruption. You should notice massive speed bosts in terms of CPU and improvement to security after this.

5th Jun 2019
Join our awesome Team, we are currently hiring!

Hi Everyone!Kind TechGroup is now expanding, looking forward to offering the lowest cost possible as a Web Branding Organization for Web Freelance Enthusiasts all over the World. If you're interested to fill in our slots, feel free to submit your application on our Facebook Page at and kindly wait ... Read More »

16th May 2019
PHP v7.3 Now Supported on all Reseller Servers

We are currently upgrading all reseller servers to the latest PHP support which is v7.3. Kindly comment on what you think about this idea... :) For those who cannot see any changes yet on their end, it's currently being handled by our Server Engineers and you'll see it once ready. Anyway, thanks for always trusting our service! We will never ... Read More »

15th May 2019
Crypto Currencies now accepted!

Happy to announce that we are now able to accept Crypto Currency payments for your convenience.  You are able to do this by choosing the Bitcoin or Altcoins payment method where you will be presented with an invoice showing a button to pay the order. Upon requesting to pay your orders, the system takes you to a Blockonomics or CoinGate ... Read More »

10th Apr 2019

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